Rush Limbaugh Just Released a Video of Hillary Clinton That’s BREAKING THE INTERNET

by Cassy Fiano | December 12, 2016 9:56 am

Hillary Clinton has been one of the leading voices claiming that “fake news” is to blame for the results of the election. The line of thinking is that people were drawn into fake news on Facebook and were so gullible that they allowed it to influence their vote. What Hillary and her liberal ilk will never mention, though, is that she pushed fake news more than anyone.

REUTERS/Brian Snyder[1]

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Rush Limbaugh decided to have a little fun with this claim and released a video targeting Hillary herself. The video spotlights the many, many lies Hillary has told, even as Hillary whines about “fake news.”

The mainstream media is all too happy to echo Hillary’s claims about fake news, but they also don’t call her out on her lies. She ran through sniper fire in Bosnia! (Fake.) There’s a vast right-wing conspiracy! (Fake.) She and Bill Clinton left the White House broke and in debt! (Fake.) The Benghazi attack was based on a video! (Fake.) Using one cell phone was just easier! (Fake.) She couldn’t serve in the military because she was a woman! (Fake.)

Really, considering how often she lies, it’s amazing that she has the nerve to complain about “fake news” at all.

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