Secret Emails Exposed: Hillary Campaign Staffer Afraid ‘Amen’ Is Too Offensive…

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | October 21, 2016 9:55 am

Why this is even being discussed[1] is just offensive to me. In emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2015, her staffers were trying to figure out how to spin climate change and Pope Francis. They came up with two responses for their zombie followers… one was sans Christian sentiment and the other said ‘amen’. These are the kinds of things Marxists dither over.

I consider Pope Francis to be a red communist Pope. All of this climate change nonsense is something that is being used to up tax revenues for wealthy elitists and is a tool to control the masses. Talking about it at all, much less using God in the mix, is blasphemous. It’s obscene. But the message is everything to Clinton… how you market it to brainwash the masses is very important to them.


From BizPac Review:

Staffers for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign debated about whether the word “amen” was too offensive to use in a tweet about Pope Francis himself, according to leaked emails.

In an email chain leaked by the organization WikiLeaks, from June 2015, Lauren Peterson, a Clinton campaign staffer, listed two options for Hillary to tweet out[3], regarding Pope Francis’ comments on climate change. Those two options were selected as “people’s favorites.” The point of messaging them around was to pare down the two tweets to one.

“Real problems take real solutions. Thank you, @Pontifex <>, for shining a light on the crisis of climate change. -H,” the first option read[4].

“There’s only one thing to say about @Pontifex <>’s bold statements on climate change & renewable energy: Amen. -H,” the second option read.

Another Clinton toadie[5], Teddy Goff, said he liked the one with ‘amen’ in it, but thought it might be offensive. So who does everyone turn to for the deciding vote? Why John freaking Podesta of course. “Adding Podesta here too for his review. I vote #2, but defer to the non-Jews on this thread if anyone thinks “amen” might rub people the wrong way,” Goff wrote. Podesta was cool with it, although his pandering is gag-worthy. Podesta wrote, “I’m ok. We are kind of slow on the draw here so might try to do something more forward leaning like encyclical + Pope’s September visit to US & UN add critical momentum to Paris conference. Other way to take this is to thank him for pointing out that the people at the bottom will get clobbered the most by climate change.”

Earlier that week, Pope Francis had released his now infamous encyclical that espoused the evils of climate change. He connected it to selfish human activity and said the rich should change the way they live their lives, so as to reduce damage to the environment. So very, very, very Marxist.

A tweet based on Podesta’s suggestion that left out the word “amen” was selected opting to use the more neutrally phrased “moral crisis” instead. They just can’t stand anything to do with God. Which is another bad sign on what Hillary will do to our rights if she is elected.


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