Security is a FARCE at ‘data fortress’ Run by Company that Held Hillary Clinton’s Emails

by McGuire | October 14, 2015 12:22 pm

The facility owned by Datto Inc was part of the network that stored classified messages from the private email server the Democratic presidential candidate used as Secretary of State. But is anyone really shocked that it really isn’t[1]?:


But unlike most government buildings, it is possible to walk to the front door without being challenged.

Daily Mail Online also saw employees from inside the building emptying trash into a dumpster that was kept open and unattended.

The disclosures will raise further alarm that Clinton’s emails were not as secure as they would have been had she used her official email account while she was Secretary of State.

Instead she set up a private server in her home in Chappaqua, New York which has now become the subject of two inquiries, one by Congress and the other by the FBI.

Datto was revealed by McClatchy last week as the company contracted by Denver-based Platte River Systems to back up Clinton’s emails after she left office in 2013.

The report painted a picture of chaos, with Clinton’s information accidentally being backed up to servers that it was not meant to be put on.

In its promotional literature Datto claims that its data storage sites are ‘data fortresses’ that are monitored 24 hours a day.

It claims that nobody can access the data without a retinal or palm scan.

But the reality at a sprawling, low-rise building on the edge of a four-lane highway in Bern Township, beside Reading, Pennsylvania, seems to be rather different.

Daily Mail Online’s reporters confirmed through public records, Datto’s own published material and inquiries that the building is one of its network of data storage sites.

The company shares the building with a number of other companies including Boscov’s department store and transportation firm Penske.

Datto’s servers are thought to be in the basement.

The site sits on a major intersection and is close to a gas station and a farm which has a high tower overlooking Datto’s roof.

There are two open entrances to the site from main roads connected by a thoroughfare – but there were no security personnel at either side, nor checkpoints or gates.

Security cameras are dotted around the building but they face down into the immediate vicinity and not out to the surrounding roads and fields.

On an afternoon last week no security vehicles were seen patrolling the facility.

Three separate employees were seen throwing bulging plastic bags into a grey metal dumpster left open just feet from the busy road.

At least three other dumpsters filled with garbage and full plastic refuse sacks were seen in the property parking lot too – all open as well.

The disclosures will put more pressure on Clinton who is being investigated by the FBI to see if her use of a private server breached rules on handling of classified data.

Looks like Hillary has found herself in another pickle. I cant wait to see how she attempts to defend this nonsense.

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