Shock Prediction About FBI and Hillary by US Ambassador is GREAT NEWS!

by McGuire | March 23, 2016 11:26 am

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is being investigated for sending classified information over a private email server, but it has remained unclear if she will actually be indicted for the crimes she allegedly committed. Let’s all hope and pray that someone gives Hillary the comeuppance she so justly deserves:[1]


A former United States ambassador, however, issued a chilling prediction about what would happen if the Democrat presidential candidate manages to wiggle her way out of an indictment for the email infractions.

John Bolton, former ambassador to the United Nations, spoke with radio host Aaron Klein on Sunday and predicted that the FBI would “explode” if Clinton is not indicted due to politics triumphing over the legal system.

Klein asked the former ambassador if he thinks Clinton will ultimately be indicted for allegedly sending classified information over her private email server.

“I think that the pressure is definitely building,” Bolton responded. “And just take the politics out of this for a second. What Hillary Clinton and her top aides did is not just make a few small violations of laws to protect classified information. They made wholesale violations and they did it for a sustained, indeed for a four-year period.”

Many people have compared Clinton’s actions to those of former CIA Director and retired Army Gen. David Petraeus, who was charged with unauthorized removal and retention of classified information after he shared notebooks containing Army secrets with the woman who was writing his biography (and with whom he was having an adulterous affair).

Bolton explained that Clinton’s infractions were “far more serious” than Petraeus’. That was one reason why, according to Bolton, both the FBI and Justice Department officials have been moving toward the conclusion that “serious indictments are warranted here.”

The former ambassador then discussed the possibility of politics triumphing over the legalities of the situation.

“I think if that does happen, there’s a real risk for Obama and for the attorney general that the FBI will explode. And a lot of things that we don’t know about, that are not on the public record at the moment, will come on the public record,” he explained.

He continued: “(I)f this potential prosecution is tanked for political reasons, it will be a very loud explosion. And it will stain Obama’s legacy forever. It will damage Loretta Lynch’s professional reputation and I think it will have a profound impact on the presidential election, as well.”

Hopefully, this will mark the end of the Clinton Dynasty.


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