SICKENING! Hillary Clinton Is Fundraising Off Of Orlando Massacre – And How She’s Doing It, Is VILE…

SICKENING! Hillary Clinton Is Fundraising Off Of Orlando Massacre – And How She’s Doing It, Is VILE…

Ah, yes… Hillary Clinton is once again standing on the bodies of the dead to raise money for herself. At least she is predictable. Clinton’s campaign blasted out an email in the name of Hillary’s deputy communications director, Christina Reynolds, begging for donations. She mimicked Obama in his approach: “We’ll need the resources to take on Donald Trump and the NRA,” the email declares. “Chip in $1 — let’s do this.” The enemy here is militant Islam… blood-thirsty Jihadists who are killing Americans any way they can. But the Hildabeast is shrilling that the real enemy is the Constitution and the Second Amendment. She’s going for the guns and the cash.

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From TPNN:

When Barack Obama’s right-hand man Rahm Emmanuel said, “you never want to let a serious crisis go to waste” back in 2008, he could have had Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign in mind.

Because even though there’s a growing crisis of confidence about security in America, even though all the dead from the massacre committed Sunday morning by an Islamic terrorist in Orlando, Florida, have not even been buried yet, Hillary and her gun-grabbing Democrats haven’t hesitated to use to tragedy to try to pick up a few extra bucks for the Chosen One’s bid for the Oval Office.

And even by Democrat standards, the pitch was obscene.

Hillary even stooped to using Democrat disrespect for the dead to make her point. When House Speaker Paul Ryan called for a moment of silence this week to recall the 49 people murdered in the Pulse nightclub on Sunday, some Democrats deliberately boycotted the gesture while others shouted about new gun purchase restrictions. “This week, Republicans in Congress asked for a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting in Orlando,” Reynolds wrote. “Democrats in the House of Representatives refused. They would not stand silent, they said, about the work it’s going to take to end the nation’s gun violence epidemic.” They filibustered for gun control in the Senate and a number of Republicans are siding with them. So is Donald Trump who is calling for gun control against those on the ‘No Fly’ list. This isn’t about guns… it’s about Islamic terrorism. And you can bet that Hillary won’t let an atrocity go to waste.

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