This 95-Second Video WILL Ruin Hillary’s Day and MAKE Yours – Let’s Make It Go VIRAL!

by Scott McKay | October 28, 2015 3:04 pm

This might be the best ad of the 2016 presidential cycle, even though it has barely gotten started…

Hillary managed to skate through the first Democrat debate without getting crushed on the e-mails issue, thanks to the bumbling socialist Bernie Sanders saying that the American people are sick of hearing about “your damn emails.” The media managed to play her appearance at the Benghazi hearings as a political success despite it being proven multiple times that she lied about her involvement in that debacle.

But nothing in that America Rising web ad has been proven untrue, and as a result it can come back again and again in her face. If you want to see it continue raining on her ruptured campaign, just share this over and over until everyone you know has seen it.

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