You Should Totally Not Believe That Hillary Is Dishonest And Greedy Or Something

by William Teach | September 20, 2016 7:51 am

USA Today’s Michael O’Hanlon really wants you to just give her a chance

Don’t believe what you hear about Clinton: Column[1]

As I have watched this presidential race, and the debate over Hillary Clinton ever since the Benghazi tragedy of 2012, I have been disturbed to see a fine American and kindly human dragged so frequently into the mud. To be sure, if you think she’s wrong on the issues, don’t vote for her. But the caricature of her as dishonest, greedy and overly ambitious is unfair and inaccurate.


Anyway, I’m sure it’s also sexxxxxist!

Normally, I wouldn’t write an essay like this. But now, with even Colin Powell adding fuel to the fire through his leaked emails, it’s time for a little balance. Full disclosure: I am a distant friend and minor adviser to Hillary. But I’m not in her inner circle, am not expecting some high-visibility job if she wins the presidency, and am fully aware of her campaign’s substantive flaws — most notably, in my opinion, a failure to articulate a sufficient, cogent and clear plan for the economy. She has some good ideas and would do well as president, I believe, but somehow the package of proposals isn’t coming through very well on the campaign trail. So this is not meant as a purely laudatory or sycophantic column, by any means.

So, she’s also incompetent?

The rest is fawning syncopate yammering, just as you’d expect, ending with

So if you disagree with Clinton’s views, don’t vote for her. However, please think twice before buying into the caricature of her that’s been created by her political foes. When she left the secretary of State position in early 2013 with a 69% favorable rating[2], they saw that their only hope of beating her in 2016 was to paint her as someone she’s not.

See, it’s not her fault that she’s a total scumbag who trashed those who accused her husband of sexual assault and rape, who turned the other cheek as her husband received oral sex from a 21 year old intern, who treated the Secret Service and everyone else like peasants and with disdain, that she constantly seems to be involved in something shady, she lies so much she can barely keep her lies straight, she lied to the families of those killed in Benghazi, she somehow amassed hundreds of millions while serving in public office, she’s secretive beyond normal political paranoia, making Nixon seem reasonable, she has no regard for national security, she uses her position well beyond normal pay for play, incredible conflicts of interest. Seriously, the list could go on and on, and this is before we get to her awful political positions.

But, see, it’s not her fault. It’s probably your fault. Or talk radio’s fault. Or Fox News. Sorry, Faux News. Or the fault of Drudge. Or bloggers. But, not Hillary’s fault. Never.

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