Trump Calls For Special Prosecutor To Look At Clinton Foundation

There’s a couple maxims in politics. One is that an honest politician is one who stays bought. Another is that if it looks like corruption, feels like corruption, it’s probably corruption. Most realize there was something very shady about the Clinton Foundation, and how those how there was a pretty big link between people, entities, and governments making donations then suddenly getting access to the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and a new released giant batch of emails makes the case that there was pay for play going on.

(Fox News) Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called for an “expedited investigation” by a special prosecutor into “pay-to-play” accusations involving the Clinton Foundation while reiterating on Monday he plans to have a “firm, but fair” stance on illegal immigration.

“The Clintons’ made the State Department into the same kind of Pay-to-Play operations as the Arkansas Government was: pay the Clinton Foundation huge sums of money and throw in some big speaking fees for Bill Clinton and you got to play with the State Department,” Trump said at a campaign rally Monday night in Akron, Ohio.

“The amounts involved, the favors done, the significant amount of time, require an expedited investigation by a special prosecutor immediately, immediately,” he added.

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Would a special prosecutor find evidence of criminal wrong-doing? Maybe, maybe not. The Clinton’s are very, very good at hiding their shading activities. She also thought she was very good at hiding her emails, but, the FBI found these almost 15,000 emails, and Hillary has stated that she turned over all her emails. That could be, what’s that word, oh, year, perjury. Even the Washington Post noted that how foundation donors got easy access to Hillary and her aides at the State dept.

(Politico) Donald Trump intensified his effort Monday to shift the focus of the campaign to Hillary Clinton and the huge donations to the Clinton Foundation from foreign benefactors, calling for a special prosecutor to “investigate Hillary Clinton’s crimes.”

Trump argued during a campaign rally in Akron, Ohio, that the federal government could not be trusted to impartially probe Clinton’s relationship to the foundation and its donors.

“The Justice Department is required to appoint an independent Special Prosecutor because it has proven itself to be a political arm of the White House,” he said.

Trump has a point: the DOJ seems to very much look at things in a partisan manner under this president. You can bet the farm that if Hillary had an R after her name, they’d be doing massive investigations.

At a minimum, there was a massive conflict of interest. Remember the whines from liberals about Halliburton and Dick Cheney? Cheney had no financial stake or control of the company while serving as Vice President. Hillary was closely involved with her so-called-charity which provided little charity and there is an odor of corruption involving pay for play.

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