WATCH: Hillary Clinton Used to Be In Favor of Profiling Muslim Immigrants

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Used to Be In Favor of Profiling Muslim Immigrants

Hey, remember back in the day when Hillary pretended to be all hawk-ish and tough? It’s hard to believe, considering how dove-like she’s become, but she used to be all for profiling Muslim immigrants.

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From The Federalist Papers Project:

Immediately following the terrorist attacks in Brussels, the two Republican candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, came out aggressively, saying the terrorists should be hunted down and destroyed.
Trump said he wanted to see waterboarding of terrorist suspects – “or even worse” and Cruz called for monitoring and patrolling of Muslim neighborhoods in the United States.

Of course, the first thing the Democratic candidates did was demonize any efforts to take a hardline stance against the terrorists or Muslim immigrants. Hillary Clinton seized on Cruz’s comments, saying how awful he was, ABC News is reporting:

Hillary Clinton slammed Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz for his proposal to patrol U.S. Muslim neighborhoods as a plan to combat terrorism, in the wake of Tuesday’s attacks in Brussels.

“Ted Cruz, who said we need to be policing everywhere Muslims live. I don’t know about you; that is not only offensive that too is dangerous,” Clinton told the crowd at a rally in Seattle Tuesday shortly after declaring victory in the Arizona Democratic primary. “Because we want everybody to feel together on our common defense against terrorism.

But – as points out – it wasn’t that long ago that Hillary Clinton wasn’t that opposed to racially profiling (or religiously profiling, whatever) Muslim immigrants.

… I fully expect Hillary to tone down her rhetoric opposing any kind of monitoring, profiling or simple watching of Muslim immigrants in the United States after the primaries are over. The American people know that something needs to be done and it’s foolish not to place a watchful eye on the one group that the terrorists are coming from. Her rhetoric now is for the primary voters.

But that’s Hillary. She’ll say anything she can to win. No principles, no real opinions of her own (none worth a nickel, at least).

It’s clear that we can’t trust anything that comes out of Hillary’s mouth. She’s not saying any of this because she believes it — she’s saying it because she thinks it will get her the most votes.

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