WHOA: Hillary Caught On Video Talking To Black Man – “I Will Only Talk To White People”

WHOA: Hillary Caught On Video Talking To Black Man – “I Will Only Talk To White People”

This actually happened sometime back before Sanders conceded to Clinton. But it is a great reminder on how Hillary Clinton really views the black community. She’s arrogant and pretty much racist here. But did the media ever bring this up? No. Well, the video has resurfaced. It’s pretty damning.

Not that I’m defending the Black Lies Matter bunch here, but when Clinton was speaking to a black man representing them, who was laying out a long laundry list of grievances, you could tell that Clinton was barely tolerating the guy. She eventually lost it with him, making it clear that she’s just not that into the Black Lives Matter movement.


From the Conservative Tribune:

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In a recent video, an unidentified black man was attempting to have a discussion with Clinton about violence in black communities. He said that white violence is and always will be a problem.

Before allowing him to finish, Hillary interrupted him and said: “If that is your position, then I will only talk to white people.” She also moved into his space and waved her hands emphatically.

He calmly told her that wasn’t what he meant and that what she just said was a part of the problem that blacks encounter. He then went on to talk about changing hearts, and that’s when Clinton let her true feelings emerge.

She interrupted him again and said she didn’t believe in changing hearts, but in changing laws and the allocation of resources. (This is something we can actually believe, primarily because more times than not, it appears as though Clinton has no heart.)

Yep, she literally said that if that is how he felt, she would only talk to white people. That should have haunted the Hildabeast right through this campaign season. Instead, it was buried by the media as usual. Crickets.

Once again, Clinton shows how she is a racist Marxist. I’m not a Trump supporter, but she has no room to call him racist. She’s just as bad or worse. Clinton is everything you hate about a politician. She couldn’t relate to a dead shoe much less Black Lives Matter.

Every once in a while, she slips and shows just how detestable she really is. Just imagine how she will actually be if elected president. What a nightmare.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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