WHOA! Hillary Declined To Defend Bill’s Honor After Trump Links Him To Rape… [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | May 20, 2016 9:51 am

Donald Trump came out[1] and bluntly accused Bill Clinton of rape on the Sean Hannity show. On this point, he’s correct and that is what Bill Clinton did. Everyone knows this and has known it forever. What is different this time is that Hillary Clinton would not defend her husband against the claim. She claimed that Trump was trying to pull her down to his level and side-stepped the accusation. This will only stir up more hatred for Hillary… she now trails Trump in the polls. Dramatically declining to defend her husband’s ‘honor’ shows she has no honor herself at this point. And Trump will savage her either way she goes on this.


From the Daily Mail:

Hillary Clinton dramatically declined to defend her husband’s ‘honor’ today, hours after Donald Trump linked the ex-president to ‘rape’.

The Democratic frontrunner angrily claimed Trump was ‘fishing’ for her to get into a fight at his ‘level’.

Asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, ‘Do you ever compelled to defend your honor, the honor of your husband?’ Clinton said, ‘No, not at all.’

‘I know that that’s exactly what he is fishing for. I’m not gonna be responding.’

Now, given… Trump brought this up in response to his own deplorable treatment of women. So, take that for what it is worth. Not only that, but Trump is threatening to sue anyone who wants to expose him now. In fact, he has said if elected he will change the libel laws to silence the media. Hannity then asked why the Times hadn’t dug into Bill Clinton’s past. ‘Are they going to interview Juanita Broaddrick? Are they going to interview Paula Jones? Are they going to interview Kathleen Willey?’ Hannity asked, ticking off the names of women who have accused Bill Clinton of inappropriate behavior through the years. ‘In one case, it’s about exposure. In another case, it’s about groping and fondling and touching against a woman’s will,’ Hannity continued. ‘And rape,’ Trump inserted. ‘And rape,’ the television host repeated. ‘And big settlements, massive settlements. And lots of other things. And impeachment for lying,’ Trump continued. I find it fascinating the deflection that is going on on both sides. All of these people are bad… all of them.






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