WikiLeaks EXPOSES Clinton Family “GET RICH” Scheme – Hillary Panics, Responds Immediately VIDEO

WikiLeaks EXPOSES Clinton Family “GET RICH” Scheme – Hillary Panics, Responds Immediately VIDEO

Bill and Hillary Clinton have previously boasted that the Clinton Foundation was intended to make them wealthy. Well, WikiLeaks has that in writing and exposed it. No one is surprised by this revelation, but that their people are arrogant enough to just say it in emails is staggering. Hillary Clinton must really despise WikiLeaks and Russia in all this.

And I am further not surprised that you have the likes of the Rockefeller Foundation dumping millions into the coffers of the Clintons. They are all communists now and have been forever. Regardless of how the Hildabeast screams that this is not what the election is about… it certainly is. This is what it is ALL about. Her corruption, greed, avarice and elitist arrogance. This is why she is hated and this is why the b*tch wants to ascend to the White House. More money and power is always the name of the political game for the Clintons.


From Zero Hedge:

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We have written frequently in recent weeks about a feud that erupted between Chelsea Clinton and Doug Band back in 2011 after Chelsea raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest between Band’s firm, Teneo, the Clinton Foundation and the State Department (see here, here, here and here). The feud ultimately resulted in Band being forced to draft a memo spelling out, in vivid detail, the many entangled relationships between himself, Teneo, the Clinton Foundation and the State Department. Fortunately, today’s Wikileaks dump included that memo which reveals, for the first time, the precise financial flows between the Clinton Foundation, Band’s firm Teneo Consulting, and the Clinton family’s private business endeavors.

The memo starts with a brief background on Teneo, which was created in June 2011, shortly after Declan Kelly resigned from his position as “United States Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland,” a position to which he was appointed by Secretary Clinton.

In a subsequent section of the memo entitled “Leveraging Teneo For The Foundation,” Band spells all of the donations he solicited from Teneo “clients” for the Clinton Foundation. In all, there are roughly $14mm of donations listed with the largest contributors being Coca-Cola, Barclays, The Rockefeller Foundation and Laureate International Universities.

The media will never really expose the massive graft of the Clintons. Instead, they’ll hammer home Trump’s lewd sex tape and never ever mention that Bill Clinton is a rapist and a sex addict. They’ll never cover the deep, evil corruption of Hillary Clinton and the many lives she has destroyed in her wake. That is what the election is about and it is what Trump should have eviscerated her with. It should have been child’s play.

We are twelve days out from the election and there is still no substantive covering of the issues. It’s all bread and circuses. I don’t think America is any longer entertained.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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