IT’S OUT! WikiLeaks EXPOSES Media’s Secret Cooperation With Democrats!

IT’S OUT! WikiLeaks EXPOSES Media’s Secret Cooperation With Democrats!

WikiLeaks published 20,000 files from the DNC yesterday. It is a treasure trove of damning crap against Hillary Clinton. Per Denise Simon: “For background, Julian Assange, the known manager of the entire WikiLeaks program appears to have some Belarus and Russia loyalties. Furthermore, Paul Manafort and Donald Trump have relationships as well. Could it be that Assange and the Kremlin have colluded in the U.S. elections and the DNC is waiting for the moment to destroy the general election process?” Excellent question! WikiLeaks and Russia have been threatening to dump these emails and they kept their word. All to help Donald Trump. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that the media and Hillary Clinton have been in bed together for a very long time and this shows it.


From Louder with Crowder:

We’ve always assumed the media was working with the Democrats (see That Facebook Executive Claiming no Bias? Actually a Huge Hillary Donor… and Joe Scarborough Exposes Liberal NBC Bias…on MSNBC?). Now, thanks to Wikileaks, we have a paper trail. Or a smoking gun. Whichever metaphor you find less triggering.

Kenneth Vogel, a reporter for Politico, sent a copy of his story about Hillary Clinton’s fundraising to the DNC in late April before publishing it. The subject line read: “per agreement … any thoughts appreciated.” The agreement was that they could see his story before Vogel’s editors saw it, as long as he didn’t share it. There weren’t any significant edits made, Business Insider reported, and Clinton still was unhappy about the story. But the agreement still is strange considering that journalists typically don’t get approval on stories first from their subjects. A source told Business Insider this was just to make sure the facts were accurate. You can read the email here.


In those emails, the Clinton camp is exposed in conspiring against Bernie Sanders. No shocker there I guess. Here’s a taste of what was released… view at your leisure and make sure you take deep breaths.

From – a list of the 22 most damaging and/or interesting emails:

Bernie Supporter and Delegate Almost Wasn’t Allowed to Attend a DNC Fundraiser

DNC Party with the Washington Post: Was It a Joint Fundraiser?

DNC Collecting Bernie Voters’ Data for Their Database

Rhode Island, Where Governor Is ‘One of Ours,’ Reduces Polling Locations

DNC Staffer Pitches Anti-Bernie Story to Communications Director

Laughing At Bernie’s Wanting to Debate Before California

DNC Planning End of Sanders Campaign in April

Wasserman-Schultz Reacts Angrily to Claim That She’s Biased

Wasserman-Schultz Called Jeff Weaver a ‘Damn Liar’ When He Said There Wasn’t Violence in Nevada

Politico Reporter Agrees to Let DNC Review Article About Hillary Fundraising Before Publishing

DNC Planned Fake Craigslist Ad for Women Working for Trump

DNC Planned Messages About Bernie Being an Atheist to Hurt His Chances of Winning

Wasserman-Schultz Can’t Stand Weaver

Wasserman-Schultz: It’s Silly that Sanders Thinks He’ll Be President

Hillary Clinton Campaign Sending Checks to DNC

Luis Miranda of the DNC Refers to Bernie as “BS”

Sanders Won’t Have Convention Leverage (Back in April)

Donna Brazile, DNC Staffer, Not Neutral Like She Claimed

Luis Miranda of DNC Saying Clinton Not Really Under FBI Investigation

DNC Pushed to Keep NYT Reporter From Writing Too Much About Joint Victory Fund

Julie For President

Celebrating the End of Sanders’ Lawsuit

State Parties’ Being Short on Resources Is Funny to the DNC

DNC Staffer: Sanders Primary Win Just Means He’s More Obnoxious

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