Columbus Day and the Rejection of Western Civilization

Western Civilization is far and away the best thing that ever happened to the human race. Without it, we would live as barbarians at best, savages at worse. Our lives would be short, brutal, and unpleasant, as had been the norm throughout human history until the rise of Europe. Medicine would be primitive and ineffective, human rights nonexistent, comfort a luxury known to few if any.

Yesterday was Columbus Day, a dying holiday that once honored a great explorer for extending the blessings of Europe’s culture to the New World. Here the contrast between Western Civilization and its absence was particularly sharp, because the natives were still living literally in the Stone Age, without so much as the wheel. The degree of savagery was nightmarish; read up on the history of the Aztecs if you doubt it. The innocent were ritualistically murdered by the hundreds of thousands to appease evil gods.

Parts of our country are now slipping back toward barbarism. The most obvious example is Detroit, which only a couple of generations ago, before its population was displaced, was the wealthiest city in the country.

Here is how Columbus Day is celebrated in Detroit:

[A] statue of Christopher Columbus in downtown Detroit was vandalized just in time for this year’s Columbus Day.

The statue, located at Jefferson and Randolph right next to city hall, was splashed with fake blood, and a hatchet was taped to his forehead as if it had just been struck.

Maybe it was just a prank in bad taste, but the incident brings to mind the statue of Cecil Rhodes at the University of Cape Town. Rhodes was a great philanthropist who attempted to bring Africa into the light. Now that South Africa is sinking back into savagery, the primitives he once tried to lift out of the darkness smeared their feces on his statue until it was removed.

Despite its greatness, Western Civilization has a fatal flaw. It can be turned against itself by the shameful disease currently known as “liberalism.” That is what killed South Africa.

It is killing the USA too. Our “president” marked Columbus Day by denouncing the arrival of our ancestors in this land:

“Though these early travels expanded the realm of European exploration, to many they also marked a time that forever changed the world for the indigenous peoples of North America. Previously unseen disease, devastation, and violence were introduced to their lives — and as we pay tribute to the ways in which Columbus pursued ambitious goals — we also recognize the suffering inflicted upon Native Americans and we recommit to strengthening tribal sovereignty and maintaining our strong ties.”

Vomiting this sort of rhetoric on Columbus Day is the equivalent of the acts of vandalism noted above.

It is no secret that Obama hates Western Civilization; this hatred has been identified as his driving force.

What kind of society elects a leader who hates it? A sick one, obviously. If we don’t regain our health, the greatness of our ancestors will be betrayed, and their incredible gift to the world will be destroyed. The human race will disintegrate back into brutal, miserable, meaningless darkness.

We don’t have a lot of time. A house divided against itself cannot stand for long.

How Columbus is honored in Detroit.

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