Father Disturbed At THIS Painting On The Wall At His Daughter’s School – For One VERY VALID Reason…

Father Disturbed At THIS Painting On The Wall At His Daughter’s School – For One VERY VALID Reason…

I do not blame this officer in the least for being upset by this painting at his daughter’s school. On the left, it shows the KKK pointing a gun at a black man with a Confederate flag at the bottom in 1930. On the right, it shows a cop pointing a gun at a black child with a US flag at the bottom in 2015. This promotes cop-hatred and racism period. The officer demanded that the painting be taken down and at first the school refused. They have since relented and have taken it down, but the sentiment remains. I would not let my child attend that school. Dave Hamblin, who is a police officer in Kentucky, took to Facebook to complain about this situation. His post has now been removed. I guess free speech doesn’t exist anymore here in the US and cop lives are not nearly as cherished as the Black Lives Matter movement. Very sad.


From Yahoo! News:

A police officer father in the United States has taken to social media to complain about a piece of artwork displayed at his daughter’s school.

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Kentucky cop Dave Hamblin is outraged by the painting which depicts two black people with a gun pointed at their head.

On one half of the painting, under the title “1930″, a Ku Klux Klan member is pointing the gun.

On the other half, titled “2015″, a white police officer is shown pointing the gun at what looks like a African American child.

The painting was from a school project inspired by racial violence depicted in Harper Lee’s book, To Kill A Mockingbird.

Police officer Dave Hamblin, who goes by the name Dave Kingmen on Facebook, says the picture is upsetting and creates “future cop haters”.

“We speak of tolerance, we speak of changing hostile environments, we speak of prejudice, and we speak of racial relations, yet, when it comes to hostility toward police, their families, and profiling them through bigotry we are expected to tolerate it,” “Kingmen” wrote.. “I will not, nor will my child.”

The principle and the school apologized to the officer. But for me, that would not be anywhere near enough after this. Facebook is threatening to suspend this officer’s page now as well. Some are blaming the cop, if you can believe it, saying he endangered the kids at the school. Bull crap. Way to blame the victim here. Racism and hatred endanger kids, not standing up for what is right. The officer is praising the school and has been very dignified in all this. I proudly stand with this officer and I understand that Yahoo! News sliced and diced what he wrote. Figures. It’s quickly becoming a crime to be white and/or a cop in this country. There is no justice in that… just insane political correctness and vileness. I find the piece of art just plain evil.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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