Susquehanna University to Change Nickname Because Crusaders Were Islamophobes

The Crusades were among the proudest highlights of Western history. After centuries of incursion by Islam, which had expanded out of the Arabian wasteland not by persuasion but by brute force and mainly at the expense of the Christian societies that had dominated the Middle East, the fight was finally taken to the enemy, so that pilgrims would not be preyed upon while visiting the Holy Lands. There is nothing wrong with fighting for strategic or economic advantage, but the Crusaders had higher motivations. These knights left behind comfortable lives to spend themselves into bankruptcy, endure almost unimaginable hardships, and face staggering odds on behalf of their souls. No wonder centuries later sports teams at high schools and colleges around the country are named the Crusaders after these noble heroes. No wonder moonbats, who define themselves by their hatred of Western Civilization, find this intolerable:

A Pennsylvania university is searching for a new mascot and nickname to replace its longtime “Crusaders” moniker, which the school says is “at odds” with its “values and commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.”

“Diversity and inclusiveness” are euphemisms for cultural Marxism.

Susquehanna University is asking people to submit their top choices for a replacement by Jan. 25.

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For now, the school has narrowed the list to the Bobcats, Explorers, Phoenix, River Hawks, and River Otters. Unlike the Crusaders, river otters inspire respect in a society dominated by milksop liberals.

Sadly, Susquehanna isn’t alone:

In 2000, Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill., dropped its Crusaders name and changed it to Thunder. Other schools have since followed suit, including Maranatha Baptist University in 2014, Eastern Nazarene College in 2009, University of the Incarnate Word in 2004 and Point Loma Nazarene University in 2003, which changed its name to the Sea Lions.

Eventually the Crusaders will follow the Confederacy into the Memory Hole, to be followed in turn by the Founding Fathers. The awe-inspiring heroism that characterized the Crusades will be lost to future generations.

In the meantime, maybe we can help Susquehanna U. come up with a name less lame than the Bobcats or the River Otters. Jihad Watch suggests the Susquehanna Dhimmis, the Susquehanna Losers, and the Susquehanna Milk al-Yamin.

As noted previously, progressives know that only by erasing our great heritage can they destroy us as a people.

Some of the greatest heroes history has to offer.

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