Who Will Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20?

As America is fundamentally transformed into a totally different nation bearing no meaningful relationship with the great men who built it, it is only a matter of time until politically incorrect dead white males are removed from the currency. First to be scrubbed will be Andrew Jackson, who stands accused of not being sufficiently obsequious toward Indians as he helped the country expand to the west. Whoever replaces him, it won’t be any white male thought criminal — or any white male, now that achievement takes a back seat to identity politics.

Some would like to rub our faces in the self-hatred of neurotic racial guilt by putting Rosa Parks on the $20:

Parks is among 15 women who made history … to be nominated by a grassroots online campaign aiming to oust the likeness of seventh U.S. President Andrew Jackson from the $20 bill.

With the slogan “A Woman’s Place is on the Money,” the New York City-based Women on 20s nonprofit, www.womenon20s.org, launched an online voting campaign March 1 to coincide with Women’s History Month. The group wants to convince President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, who oversees the U.S. Mint and currency design decisions, to honor a history-making American woman. And it wouldn’t require an act of Congress to do so.

That means it is likely to happen. Once done, the change will be permanent; any future president who changes the $20 back to Jackson will set off a cacophony of shrieking from journalists about misogyny, racism, et cetera. At this point it appears the only Americans who would have enough character to stand up to them live in the past with Old Hickory.

Other candidates include Margaret Sanger, the eugenics advocate who wanted to reduce the population of what she called “human weeds” (e.g., blacks). During her time, Nazis and the KKK were receptive to her views. Democrats revere her to this day as the founder of the lavishly taxpayer-subsidized McDonald’s of abortion, Planned Parenthood.

Rachel Carson, whose hysterical book Silent Spring led to the repression of DDT and the consequent needless death of millions of children from malaria, also makes the candidate list. So does Shrillary Clinton’s favorite interlocutor, Eleanor Roosevelt:


Whoever gets the spot, it is fortunate Jackson never suspected what his country would degenerate into, or he wouldn’t have put up such a ferocious fight at the battle of New Orleans — unless there are Andrew Jacksons among us even today who can reverse our slide into moonbattery.

On tips from F.D.R. in Hell and Rob E. Graphic compliments of Stormfax. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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