American Airlines flight attendant learns his fate after horrible confrontation on plane [VIDEO]

American Airlines flight attendant learns his fate after horrible confrontation on plane [VIDEO]

I don’t know what’s going on in the aviation industry recently, but there is clearly something in the water making the staff a little crazy.

Maybe this guy accidentally put salt in his coffee that morning instead of sugar. I can see how that would set a bad tone for the rest of the day. However, you’re probably not advised to take it out on a mother who is just trying to find some overhead bin space for her collapsible stroller.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened on an American Airlines flight.

Not long after watching the horrifying United Airlines video of a man being assaulted and dragged off of a plane, we’re now seeing footage of a flight attendant aboard an American flight who was challenging a passenger to a fight after allegedly hitting her in the head with her own stroller.

According to witnesses, the mother was trying to find space to store her collapsible stroller when the attendant came up and began trying to pull it from her hands. During the altercation, he hit her with the stroller, some say narrowly missing the baby.

When the woman began sobbing, a male passenger stood up and asked for the employee’s name. When the attendant re-entered the plane, he can be heard saying, “Hey bud, you do that to me and I’ll knock you flat.” The flight attendant told him to mind his own business and then challenged the passenger to a fight saying, “Hit me.”

Watch the video below:

In stark contrast from the United episode, American was quick to compensate the woman by putting her on a different flight and upgrading her to first-class for the remainder of her international trip.

The flight attendant in question has been suspended pending investigation. In a statement, American Airlines said this:

“We have seen the video and have already started an investigation to obtain the facts. What we see on this video does not reflect our values or how we care for our customers. We are deeply sorry for the pain we have caused this passenger and her family and to any other customers affected by the incident. We are making sure all of her family’s needs are being met while she is in our care.”

I won’t purport to know the entire story based on the clip above, but from what I can see, the attendant’s behavior was out of line and he should be fired based on that alone.

H/T: Fox News

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