Girl Born Without A Face Defies All Odds After Doctors Refuse To Feed Her

by Sierra Marlee | September 1, 2017 1:15 am

A Brazilian-born girl has reached her 9th birthday despite doctors telling her parents to plan her funeral shortly after she was born.

Sweet little Vitoria Marchioli was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a condition in which her facial bones didn’t form properly. Upon her birth, doctors told the parents that she had mere hours to live. They refused to feed the little girl and told mom and dad to go home and wait for their daughter to die.

They wanted a second opinion.


Because she had malformed facial bones, her eyes, nose and mouth were misplaced, causing doctors to believe that she wouldn’t live to see the next day. Her doctors refused to help her, so her parents took her care into their own hands.

Her father, 39 year-old Ronaldo and her mother, 42 year-old Jocilene, say medics attribute her continued survival to the love and devotion of her parents.

“We fight for her so that she can look better and have a better quality of life. We love her and are thankful for having her alive,” said Ronaldo.

Vitoria has received 8 surgeries aimed at reconstructing her face to help her lead a more normal life, but her parents say that she is still bullied based on the way she looks.

“We have been verbally abused and rejected by the public because of the appearance of our daughter,” Ronaldo said. “Even our other daughters have told us that children at school verbally abuse them for the appearance of Vitória.”

Regardless of how much abuse they have to endure based on their daughter’s face, the Marchiolis are just glad that their little girl is alive.

If you want to donate to their fundraiser, which will go to pay for her medical costs, click here[2].

The fact that people are actually abusive about a condition that this little girl didn’t choose to have and can’t control is absolutely disgusting. There is no excuse for that. I hope they grow up to be better people than they are right now.

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