VIDEO: How to Break into ANY Master Lock With No Tools

by Sierra Marlee | April 11, 2016 11:39 am

After seeing this, I am NEVER going to buy a Master lock[1] ever again. If someone wants to break into something, there is very little stopping them. That said, why should we make it easier by purchasing locks that are so easily cracked?


From AWM:

Master Lock has long been known as an authority in the security market, and pretty much everyone is familiar with their locks from all those lockers we had to use in school. While most people think these locks are quite safe and almost impenetrable, of course someone online had to figure out a way to break in.

Bosnianbll spends much of his days figuring out ways to crack locks, usually far more complicated than the little Master Lock we are working with today. This one turns out to be so easy to open, this video probably shouldn’t be put on the internet – but of course it is absolutely mind-blowing so we have to share!

The technique for opening a key-based Master Lock is easier than you could ever imagine – to the point that a 5-year-old could easily do it after a few tries. While that may take your confidence in these locks down a notch, prepare to have it destroyed entirely.

Using just a little hammer and some pressure, Bosnianbll is able to open up the lock in a grand total of about 15 seconds. While lock-picking usually involves complicated tools and specialized techniques, this process couldn’t be easier.

“What a wonderful piece of American lock engineering, huh?” Bosnianbll jokes sarcastically as the lock clicks open with ease. Did you know that it was this easy to break into a supposedly “fire-proof” lock? Sound off in the comments!

Watch the video below:

Does this change your opinion of Master locks?

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