BREAKING: Sad Announcement About Baby Charlie Gard [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Sad Announcement About Baby Charlie Gard [VIDEO]

The world has been moved by the story of a tiny baby boy in Britain. Charlie Gard has been the mobilizing force for prayer and petition to God, around the world, in homes and churches, as his plight has hit their hearts. He has a severe heath condition from which his government doctors in the U.K. do not expect him to recover. They have, according to their own insistence, done all they can do for him. And like an unhealthily possessive boyfriend, they have decided that if they can’t help him, then no one can, as they have continually refused to release him to his parents so that they can transport him to the US for an experimental treatment that may give Charlie a chance at life.

But this is no surprise since the U.K. medical system isn’t about life. It’s about death. The very people who are supposed to do all they can to help save his life, his doctors and his government, are fighting tooth and nail for his death to take place in the British hospital where he has been a patient all this time. They will not allow anyone else to have a try at saving his life and have repeatedly said they want him to die at home in Britain rather than travel to somewhere else where he may have a chance, even if it is ever so slim, at life.

A civilized nation does not refuse to release a child into his parent’s care. And reasonable people do not prevent possible lifesaving treatment. People who truly care will do whatever it takes to help him live, not help him die. The phrase “die with dignity” gets tossed around a lot by Leftist health professionals. But what about life with dignity? Can we try for life first, before we consign a baby to inevitable death?

It appears that now Charlie’s exhausted parents have given up. They have withdrawn their legal bid to move him to the USA for treatment. They have said that the medical personnel insist that the scans show he has passed a point of no return with regard to degradation of muscle and tissue. However, recently a neurosurgeon went to evaluate Charlie and concluded that he had between an 11 – 56 percent chance of being helped by the experimental treatment.

When the government runs healthcare this is what happens. The government decides if you are worthy of treatment. And they’ve decided Charlie isn’t. Because of course, if Charlie does travel to the US and is helped, it reveals the British nationalized health system for the death centered fraud that it is. They cannot have that happen. So, Charlie will apparently stay and die in the nation of his birth.

Many are praying for Charlie. And God can do miracles still. It looks grim for Charlie. But anything can happen. Here’s hoping for that miracle.<\center>

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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