I Was Confused When She Dumped Gravel All Over Her Garden… But What Happened Next? Wow!

I Was Confused When She Dumped Gravel All Over Her Garden… But What Happened Next? Wow!

There is nothing worse than a beautiful house with a ho-hum lawn. Not everyone has an endless bank account from which to draw the money to landscape their yard, however, so here are some ideas to beautify on a budget!


From AWM:

Having a boring backyard can really detract from a home.  But this comes with a grain of salt, as keeping a back yard up and in shape can be a lot of work, and very expensive.

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Turns out there are some really great ways to make your space into a green oasis with a small amount of time, and small amount of dough.

Check out these stunning backyard decor ideas that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

If you have extra coffee tins, hanging them on a wooden fence can provide a great place to hang beautiful flowers with a low profile.


Mirrors open up a space like nothing else.  Hanging them facing some trees will make your yard look much bigger!


Fountains aren’t only for huge yards!  Follow this guide to learn how to make beautiful little water features that take up little space.


Want a vegetable garden but think you don’t have enough space?  Turns out you absolutely do!  By stacking wooden crates, you can create a beautiful and slim garden center.


If you want to grow spices and herbs instead, you can do so just as easily and in style too.  Follow this guide to learn how to create a stunning herbal garden that will serve as a great centerpiece for your yard.



Need some art in your space?  Planting succulents in the right way can allow for a beautiful sight.


Spring is upon us, ladies and gents! Now is the BEST time to spruce up your yard in preparation for barbecues, birthday parties and lazy summer nights.

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