They Find Dog Abandoned Next To Heartbreaking Sign – Then Cop Explains What Happened To Owner [VIDEO]

by Alexandria Willis | March 18, 2017 5:01 am

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Two good Samaritan’s happened upon a small dog tied to a tree with a sign around his neck. The story has a happy ending, but not until after a very sad experience. The dog was tiny and six years-old. He had two bowls of food within reach. His leash was nailed to a tree and he had a hand-written note attached that explained the situation.

“Free pup. Name is Scooter. Owner went to jail today[2].”

The two individuals who happened upon the dog knew they had to do something and could not leave the dog there to suffer. They posted on Facebook looking for suggestions and help. It was not long before the full story came out. The owner had been arrested for possession of drugs. He asked two friends to take care of the dog and this was their solution.

“It broke my heart, like, ‘I cannot leave this dog here’ and actually there were people passing by and they saw him and they wouldn’t do anything about it and I told my fiance, ‘we have to do something’,” one of the individuals who found the dog explained.

The mother of the previous owner found out about the situation and explained the dog was the man’s greatest treasure. She quickly made the drive to rescue the dog and take him home to care for him.

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