Fisherman Pulls HEAVY Object Out Of Lake And Realizes It’s Decades Old [PHOTOS]

by Frank Lea | July 27, 2017 11:43 pm

Two family members were fishing off a dock in South Carolina when they hooked something extremely heavy and out of the ordinary. It was Ben Meyers and an 11 year-old member of the family and the boy was ecstatic when he thought he had a monster fish in Lake Hartwell. Little did he know, that was no fish he pulled up. He caught a purse! But this wasn’t your ordinary purse. This was a mother’s purse that she lost 25 years ago around the Anderson County area of South Carolina.

When the two fishermen yanked the heavy, wet, well preserved purse[1] from the water, they couldn’t help but look inside. They didn’t find a mysterious creature, but they did catch some 25 year-old makeup, perfume, pictures, hair teaser and more. I’m wondering if they were more excited to see the treasure in the bag or would they rather catch a fish?

Even more fascinating is who the purse belongs to.

“I get my net and he gets it to the top of the water, all of a sudden I see it’s a purse,” Meyers told WYFF. “I said ‘man you ain’t caught no fish, you caught a treasure!'”

Once they had it on the dock, Meyers opened it up and poked around inside. He pulled out some credit cards and store cards — some from companies that don’t exist anymore — and immediately recognized the name, which belonged to a family friend of his. He got in touch with the woman and returned the well-preserved bag.

What are the chances that someone will literally fish an old bag out of the water 25 years after someone lost it AND know who the person is? Can you imagine losing something a decade ago and then someone knocks on your door and has it in their hand? That had to be an amazing moment. Can you even remember what you had in a bag 25 years ago? Think back 25 years from this very moment and imagine what you were wearing, carrying on you, or where you were. Some people can’t pinpoint that memory at all.

I bet the return of the missing purse stirred up some old memories of who she was with, how she lost it, what she was doing. It’s a treasure purse filled with memories and time capsule items.

It’s reported that April Bolt lost the bag back in 1992. She was a young 32-year-old mother out to eat with her husband and her parents. Her bag went missing and they suspect that two fishermen in the area of where they ate had stolen it. It’s only fitting that two fishermen later snagged it on a hook and reeled it in to return it.

Here’s photographs of the treasure purse of Lake Hartwell in South Carolina.

Here is the purse in half decent shape. Not bad after sitting at the bottom of a lake for 25 years through all the seasons. Whatever brand of purse this is, it holds up fairly nice for a decade in the water.

Pictures of children that were under water for 25 years and you can still tell who the people are. The cute baby looks as shocked as we do to find a bag in the lake after that many years. That child must be at least 25-26 years-old now.

Credit cards, perfume, a comb like item, some makeup and other items that bring back memories. Some of the items may come from stores that aren’t open anymore.

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