Houston News Station Is Live On Air When Flood Waters From Hurricane Harvey Come Pouring In [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | August 28, 2017 2:16 am

As the over-filled rivers and torrential downpours continue to flood out Houston and cities in southeastern Texas, there are local news stations that are outside in the thick of it, covering the devastation[1] going on.

Everything was going well and dry in one Houston based news station — until the flood waters came to them.


While KHOU-TV, the local CBS affiliate, was broadcasting live to make sure that their viewers had updates on the catastrophic storm devastating the region on the outside, they noticed that the storm had came in to greet them.

When the water began to seep through the doors and enter into the studio, they were forced to move the live broadcast to a second-level meeting room.

From TheBlaze:

According to KHOU, they have floodgates around their studios, but the flooding from nearby Buffalo Bayou proved too much and too strong to hold back the water.

The flooding eventually became so bad that the station employees had to evacuate.

Now just a tropical storm, Harvey made landfall as a very powerful category 4 storm late Friday night. It initially brought winds of more than 130 mph with it, ravaging the southeastern Texas coastline.

The thing was, the winds weren’t the real problem Texans were looking at – but rather the torrential rainfall forecast and flooding concern.

When the storm finally lets up, Texas can expect to have anywhere between 3-4 feet of rainfall, maybe even more. Such torrential rainfall is possible because the storm has become ‘stuck’ inland and it continues to rage on, with reports saying maybe for the rest of the week.

This storm may be the worst that Texas has ever experienced, with multiple deaths it seems like we Texans and Americans will need to band together on this one.

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