Single mother has given up supermarkets & instead hunts boar, deer and foxes for meals

by Sierra Marlee | July 30, 2017 10:44 pm

Why is it controversial to live off the land, like most of humanity has done for 99% of its existence until recently? And where do these PETA brats think the meat in the supermarket comes from? Buying it is just basically paying someone else to hunt for you.

But apparently a mother from Surrey has become an Internet bad guy after deciding to hunt for her own food. Oh, the scandal of it all!


Lisa Taylor posted photos of her successful hunts on social media, including fox, boar and roe buck. Her pics have gained her thousands of followers, including the ones of her cooking up her catches for dinner.




And of course, some precious little babies can’t handle the idea that someone actually kills animals for food. One even called her a “disgusting person.”

The Director of PETA UK, Elisa Allen, took the time to bash Taylor, calling her a “small person” and claiming that she “derives pleasure from killing.[5]”

‘There’s a word for a person who derives pleasure from killing.

‘And while this woman is clearly desperate for attention, callously snuffing out the lives of animals who wanted nothing more than a peaceful existence will make her reviled rather than revered.

‘Most Brits admire real sportspeople and genuine sportsmanship, not small individuals who hurt others in order to make themselves feel big.’

On behalf of everyone who has a basic understanding of the cycle of life, I cordially invite you to take a long walk off a short pier. She’s not hunting for trophy, she’s not hunting for sport, she’s hunting to feed her family.

I get that killing a living creature – even for food – is not for everyone. When you’re not raised with it, it can be hard to pick up in your adult life. That being said, you don’t get to insult someone who is doing what they can to feed their children. Not all of us can live on rabbit food and back pats from other vegetarians.

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