Parents Mourn The Accidental Suicide Of 2 Yr-Old Son -Then Father Shoots Himself Dead [VIDEO]

Parents Mourn The Accidental Suicide Of 2 Yr-Old Son -Then Father Shoots Himself Dead [VIDEO]

There is nothing more fear inducing, or heartbreaking, than the thought of losing a loved one, especially if that loved one is your own child. Who could imagine such a thing? For those who have already experienced it, who can forget anything? It’s difficult to describe the emotions that go through a person’s head when they’ve lost someone. It has to happen to you to fully understand it and if it hasn’t yet, it will.

One man from South Carolina was the part of tragedy that would break the strongest of men and unfortunately, he couldn’t endure the anguish long enough to heal. He killed himself. He killed himself because only a short time before, his 2 year-old son had accidentally acquired his gun and shot himself dead.

There are no winners in this tragic story.

When the authorities investigated the scene, the Richland County Corner Gary Watts stated that the child, who’s name is Kyree Myers, had shot himself, and that his mother rushed to call 911 to attempt to save her boy’s life, but it was too late. The boy was unresponsive and had died. When the police arrived at the home, they soon found that the father of the young boy, out of guilt, was threatening to take his own life with a gun. Whether it was the same gun used by the son, is unclear.

The officers had to draw their weapons and repeatedly give the father the order to put the gun down. The father didn’t comply and instead, shot himself in the head. Both father and son were rushed to the Palmetto Health Richland Hospital, but it was too late and they were pronounced dead.

Police Chief Skip Holbrook was devastated, as well as his officers who responded to the call. He said it was particularly ’emotionally trying for responding officers’ and they can count on professional help being there for them if need be.

Holbrook continued to say: “Our hearts are heavy at the tremendous loss of life.”

He then added: “We have victim advocates assigned to the case to assist the family during this difficult time. This experience has also been emotionally trying for responding officers. They will participate in a debriefing to discuss the incident and receive further support as needed.”

To feel the guilt that came with his little boy using his gun and accidentally killing himself was too much to take. This is nothing but a horrible tragedy for everyone involved.

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