Pope Francis Hopes To Give Child Sentenced To DEATH A Passport To Beat Court Ruling!

Pope Francis Hopes To Give Child Sentenced To DEATH A Passport To Beat Court Ruling!

Pope Francis has the ability and authority to offer a Vatican passport to terminally-ill Charlie Gard in London, to allow him to fly to Italy for a possible life-saving treatment.

The Pontiff’s lawyers have recommended giving the ten month-old citizenship of the Vatican City – the smallest sovereign nation in the world – could ‘overcome’ the ridiculous policies that are keeping him at the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Pope Francis knows of the boy’s condition and has taken a personal interest in the child’s tragic case. He has tweeted about the sanctity of life and how it should not be extinguished when it could be saved.

The Vatican came as Charlie’s parents reprimanded his doctors and suspected them of keeping them ‘in the dark’ about his condition and holding meetings all week, trying to play God and decide if they would turn off his life support – yet they never once invited them.

And today, US doctors who specialize in mitochondrial disease have even committed to travel to Britain to treat him and bring experimental medication with them – pending support from Government regulator the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

But Charlie’s future still looks desolate today with doctors and hospital officials playing the role of tyrant by not letting him leave the hospital.

Today, Papal sources are praying that a Vatican passport could be the key to getting Charlie out of the hell that is Great Ormond Street.

Their lawyers’ court rulings that have ascertained that the 10 month-old’s life support should be switched off could be subdued by making the little boy a citizen of the Pope’s Vatican City.

According to the Sun, the Pope is looking at offering the passport to allow legal factors to be thrown out.

One source gave this explanation:

‘It would be unprecedented if citizenship was granted to Charlie, but it is being investigated. Legal parameters are preventing him from being moved and treated overseas. If that can be overcome, then so be it’.

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