Pregnant Mom Feels Something Burning at a Check Up. The Doctor’s Mistake Has Her Laughing

by Alexandria Willis | January 24, 2017 6:10 am


This couple has the whole giving birth thing down. They are the parents of three children and are familiar with the process of giving birth and of check ups along the way. Recently they both went into the doctor’s office to do a routine check-up on the health and growth of their baby to come.

They explain the situation in this hilarious video that they shared in an attempt to lighten the mood. Can you guess what it is that went wrong for them??

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The Independent Journal Review[3] covered the story saying:

According to Huffington Post, Chris and Rachel McQueen have three kids; so, they’re familiar with the whole check-up routine.

When they got to the doctor’s office, everything looked great, but then, in a video recorded by the couple after the appointment, Rachel says:

“Things get a little heated there in the OB ultrasound room.”

The doctor got some gel to check on the health of the baby. That’s when Rachel started screaming.

Chris remembers her saying:

“Whoa, what did you put in there? That’s hot!”

She pointed to the doctor and her husband, “You’ve got to go! You’ve got to get out of here!” The doctor asked if there was anything he could do.

Yes, she said: Never to put hand sanitizer up there again.

That got everyone laughing.

Things should be interesting from here on out, but I bet the doctor never makes that mistake again.

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