[VIDEO] 2013 Vintage Performance by Charleston Native Darius Rucker is BEAUTIFUL

by McGuire | June 23, 2015 2:02 pm

Back in 2013, Darius Rucker, with his band Hootie & the Blowfish, had a beautiful performance of Amazing Grace & Take Me Home. More fitting than almost anything, the Charleston native’s performance is really a tribute to the current struggle in Charleston. Enjoy the music, keeping in mind that this is amateur videography and a live performance[1]:


During times of hardship, people are often able to find solace in music. The above video shows country music superstar Darius Rucker, who happens to be a Charleston native, and his band “Hootie and the Blowfish” singing the songs “Amazing Grace” and “Take Me Home” in one beautiful performance.

Although the concert was from 2013, you could undoubtedly take the sentiment then and replace it with the ruptured emotions of every Charlestonian and every American now.

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