VIDEO: carnival disaster sends 5 kids to hospital when nasty wind takes bounce house 20 feet into the sky

VIDEO: carnival disaster sends 5 kids to hospital when nasty wind takes bounce house 20 feet into the sky

These children were just trying to have fun in a bounce house located at the Springwell Church in South Carolina. Their glee soon turned into horror as a very strong gust of wind lifted the inflatable house and slide into the air.

Parents watched helplessly as 5 children were swept away with the bounce house.

What was supposed to be a day of fun at the carnival landed five children in the hospital when two inflatable bounce houses were lifted into the air by a strong gust of wind. One went as high as 20 feet in the air before getting caught in some power lines.

The inflatable hung there for several seconds before the electrical lines snapped, sending it slamming back to the ground.

5 children were reported to have been sent to the hospital, but their conditions were unknown.

Footage of the terrifying incident can be seen below:

The church where this took place has posted a press release on their Facebook page.

“This afternoon, we held our annual Spring Carnival on our campus on Wade Hampton Blvd in Taylors SC. The carnival began at 1:00 this afternoon. Shortly after 2:00 PM, an unexpected wind gust, out of our control, lifted an inflatable amusement that was on our campus for the event. We are saddened for those who were injured during the unfortunate accident today.

We join their families, in prayer, for their full recovery.”

Their most recent update at the time of publication announced that, to the best of their knowledge, only two children are still hospitalized with injuries related to the incident.

To my knowledge, two children remain hospitalized, in stable condition, for the treatment of injuries sustained in yesterday’s accident. Our pastoral staff and church have been praying and continue to pray for all involved.

Sometimes things like this just happen and nobody can predict or prevent it. While it is unfortunate that children were injured during this freak accident, I am grateful that nobody was killed.

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