Video: This is the easiest way to escape a sinking car

Video: This is the easiest way to escape a sinking car

This piece of advice is counter-intuitive and may very well save your life. In a flood, if your car starts to sink, you have between 30 seconds and a minute to get out of it. When you hit the water, it is already too late to open your door. This video shows you exactly what you need to do to survive… in fact, it shows you how to get everyone out of your car, including small children who are strapped into car seats. It’s a must watch.


From Globe Today:

400 people die each year in the United States because their cars are trapped in water. Statistics show that most of us are doing the exact opposite thing in that very moment to what should be done in such a situation. Here’s why we will show you this demonstration on things that actually should be done in order to save life in that little time frame of 30 seconds. Make sure to pay attention, this might save your life some day!

First you take off your seat belt… then you roll down the windows and bail. People in front go first and then people in the back if their windows won’t open all the way. Oldest children first and then the youngest who are strapped in. It’s the exact opposite of what most people do, or what you think you should do. 911 operators are now being instructed to tell people in this type of emergency to take these steps. They will save your life… as scary as it is, you have to be willing to do this without hesitation. You should also be carrying a ‘window breaker’. They don’t require strength and if the window jams, it will save your life. This is very good information to have anywhere you live.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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