VIDEO: You Were Right — That Claw Machine Really IS Rigged!

VIDEO: You Were Right — That Claw Machine Really IS Rigged!

We all have, at one point or another, sacrificed our precious quarters to that evil claw machine at the mall. The odds that we’ve ever actually walked away with a prize is slim at best, and there’s a reason why; they’re rigged! The video below is going to show you EXACTLY how it works.

claw machineFrom IJReview:

Remember the time you spent a ton of quarters trying to get a stuffed animals out of the claw machine only to have it slip from the claw just millimeters from the chute? And then you kicked the machine and stomped off in despair, muttering about how it was rigged?

Well, you were right.

Right about it being rigged, that is, not right for kicking it. Unless, of course, you were really, really annoyed or had spent ten dollars or more in failed claw attempts. Then the kick is pretty sympathetic too.

As Elite Daily reports, a new video from Vox describes how claw machines stack the deck against the player.

The person who programs the machine can set it to make a certain amount of profit based on the value of the prizes inside and how much it costs to play. The machine, tricky cheater that it is, simply tracks how much money has been spent and only allows prizes to be won at a frequency that maintains the profit level.

How? Claw strength. The machine won’t give the claw full power except when it’s ready to dispense a prize. And yes, they do program it in a way that lets the claw go weak after you’ve snagged your plush prize, just to give the impression that the next play might just snag it.

Learn how that seemingly innocuous you machine has been stealing your money for years below:

I don’t know if that makes me feel better or worse for spending an obscene amount of money on that stuffed Hello Kitty, but I do know that I won’t be doing that again. You’re better off going to the toy section and buying a similar product yourself.


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