BOOM! Tilda Swinton LEVELS Race-Baiting Margret Cho And It’s GLORIOUS!

BOOM! Tilda Swinton LEVELS Race-Baiting Margret Cho And It’s GLORIOUS!

Full disclosure before I write this… I don’t like Margret Cho. I don’t think she’s funny or attractive and it has nothing to do with race. I just don’t care for her. And I certainly don’t like her picking a fight with others over something that didn’t happen so she can be in the limelight. What is it with these drama queens? Geez.

Cho made some highly racist and inappropriate accusations against Tilda Swinton. She accused Swinton of treating her like a ‘house Asian’ in an email exchange. Swinton has happily aired the ‘private’ conversation to set the record straight and of course it proves that Cho is lying her face off once again. What a loser.


From Louder with Crowder:

We need to take a step back in the way back machine. Who remembers Marvel Studios’ Writer Tells ‘Whitewashing’ Protestors to Screw Off? Basically Marvel decided there wasn’t enough women in the movie, so they made the Ancient One female and gave the role to Tilda Swinton. You would think SJWs would be happy, but in changing the gender they changed the race too and “whitewashed” the character. Which is problematic, because of how much left coast leftists seem to hate white people lately (see Leftists Now Angry…Because White People Make Too Many Movies).

That brings us to today’s nontroversy. Margaret Cho decided to bring up a conversation she had with Swinton over this totally not frivolous issue. Here’s Cho’s version

“It was weird because I felt like a house Asian, like I’m her servant,” Cho said. “Like the ones when they have in the raj, they would have the house servant who was your confidante … The servant that was close to you. That’s sort of what I felt like, like I was following her with an umbrella. I had a weird feeling about the entire exchange, especially the part of don’t tell anybody.”

Wow! What a nasty old racist that Tilda Swinton is! Except, of course, that’s not how the conversation went at all. Because when the press reached out to Swinton’s people to ask about how much of a racist that Tilda was, they gleefully made the entire email exchange available. It presented an entirely different version of events. Spoiler alert: Margaret Cho is a lying liar who lies. Swinton? Exudes some A-level class here. The entire email exchange is long, so we encourage you to go to the actual source article we’ve already linked, but here it is again.

Last week, Cho blabbed to the world that she had a ‘tense’ conversation with Tilda Swinton prior to the release of Doctor Strange, concerning the whitewashing backlash surrounding the film. Fans were outraged when Swinton was cast to play the Ancient One in the Marvel movie, a character who is a Tibetan man in the original comic-book series. Cho, a vocal critic of whitewashing in Hollywood, said that Swinton emailed her to discuss the controversy. “She said she didn’t understand why people were so mad about Doctor Strange,” Cho said.

The email exchange is indeed long and not worth going into here. There are a couple of links to it above, if you have nothing better to do… like ever. Swinton’s team has responded to requests for comment by sharing an e-mail exchange the two had on May 13th, 2016. The conversation, comprised of five emails in total, is the only communication Swinton and Cho have ever had, according to Swinton’s team. Representatives for Cho have not yet responded to requests for comment.

I’m sick to death of this stupid ‘whitewashing of Hollywood’ crap by SJWs. What ever happened to a good script and choosing the best actors? Who cares? I certainly don’t. I just want to watch entertaining movies — those that don’t have Cho in them… ever. Swinton did level Cho as far as I’m concerned and she had it coming for lying. Liars never prosper.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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