This Bumper Sticker Is TRIGGERING Liberals Like Mad! – “I’m A Republican Because…”

This Bumper Sticker Is TRIGGERING Liberals Like Mad! – “I’m A Republican Because…”

I love this bumper sticker… this is from 2014, but is even more relevant today. It’s actually true — Republicans overall don’t tend to go on welfare. They just don’t. They believe in exchange of goods and services for pay and most embrace hard work. The below stats are out of date. They are much, much worse today as we end the eight-year nightmare of an Obama presidency. More than half of the US is on federal benefits and it has all been by design.

There are no bread lines anymore because you get your food stamps/welfare on an EBT card. It’s easy to hide the fact that you are on the government dole. There is no embarrassment anymore and in fact, the government is herding as many American’s into the welfare state as possible. Regardless of the lies you are fed by our government, unemployment is epidemic in this country. A third of the nation can’t find a job… many of them haven’t been able to get work in years. So, they have been forced to take benefits if they can’t figure out how to go into business for themselves.


From Real Clear Politics:

This is arithmetic, as Bill Clinton might say. In 2011, payments to individuals were 65 percent of federal spending, up from 26 percent in 1960. America has created a welfare state, whether or not Americans admit it.

Actually, the share of people who receive federal benefits exceeds Romney’s 47 percent. Based on its Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP), the Census Bureau estimates that in mid-2011 — the latest available figures — the number of people with benefits came to 149.8 million, or 49 percent of the population. But this figure is too low, because SIPP doesn’t include several major programs (farm subsidies and college loans and grants). With these, the total probably exceeds 50 percent.

The big programs are well-known. In 2011, Social Security had 49.6 million recipients and Medicare 45.6 million, most of them overlapping. There were 5.2 million Americans with unemployment compensation and 3.2 million with veterans’ benefits. An estimated 107.2 million people received “means-tested” benefits available to those with low incomes. Medicaid had 80.5 million beneficiaries, food stamps 48.3 million and WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) 23.1 million. Among households with means-tested benefits, almost a third received three or more.

Not only will President-elect Donald Trump bring jobs and manufacturing back to the US, his actions will reduce the welfare class. Most people, if they can find work that pays the bills, will take it. Those who just want to sit around and leach off the system are going to find themselves forced to work. Many states are passing bills that force welfare recipients to prove they are looking for work and require them either to get training or to do community service before they can get their benefits.

The other way a Trump presidency will radically reduce the welfare state is by deporting illegal aliens and stopping the flow of unvetted Islamic refugees into the country. If you cut off entitlements, most illegal aliens will leave… they will self-deport. And it is a Republican President who will do this. All the Democrats have given us is eight years of Marxism and Cloward and Piven on steroids.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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