Evil cat looks staight in owner’s eyes, ignores her pleas to quit knocking stuff off table [Video]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | October 30, 2015 1:43 pm

This is adorable![1] Well, maybe if it isn’t your cat, that is. My daughter has a cat named ‘Thug Life’ who does stuff like this all the time. El Diablo was on the counter and he got bored. So, he decided to start knocking things off. He started with a remote control. Then he went for a glass. His owner pleaded with him not to and as he was gazing into those loving eyes, he took his paw and knocked it off anyway. You can hear the glass shatter. Bad cat, gato malo.

El Diablo1[2]

From Some Cuteness:

YouTube user Jennifer Morales[3] titled this video “Gato malo,” which means “bad cat” in Spanish. Good call, Jennifer. This is the most malo gato we’ve ever seen.

Just look into those eyes.

El Diablo[4]

That’s the adorably fuzzy face of el diablo.

Yep, the kitty cat is being a jerk. They do that when they want attention and figure you aren’t petting them enough. I know… we’ve always had cats. I have one that will knock water bottles down every time he gets a chance. And that’s the nice thing he does. I especially love it when he sticks his claws in your leg if you don’t pay attention to him. Nice scars. He also has a thing for cords and brings us live presents all the time. I can’t count how many mice I’ve chased through the house and caught because of him. I love our cats… they are adorable and awesome. But sometimes, they really are jerks.

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