Famed Comedian Norm MacDonald: ‘Hillary is the Most Corrupt Person in the White House’ VIDEO

Famed Comedian Norm MacDonald: ‘Hillary is the Most Corrupt Person in the White House’ VIDEO

Comedian Norm MacDonald flatly says that Hillary is the most corrupt person we’ve ever had in the White House. Give the man a cigar, because that one is so very true. I’ll forgive him for appearing on Larry King’s show, who if I remember correctly is now working for RT — Russia’s propaganda outlet. So, of course Norm’s criticism of Clinton was welcomed. His dissing Trump, not so much… but again he’s right. MacDonald did not hide his dislike of Clinton at all. Right there with ya brother.

Larry King hearts Hillary Clinton. He uses the ‘Nixon’ defense to defend the Hildabeast’s actions, if you can believe it. What a shill. Acceptable on RT because Russia wins either way, no matter who is elected, I guess. Wrong is wrong… just because Nixon did it, doesn’t excuse Clinton or anyone for that matter. More moral relativism. Gag.


From Louder with Crowder:

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It’s a crime that Norm Macdonald doesn’t have his own sitcom. I mean, we know why (see MacDonald on PC Culture: “It’s a way of marginalizing normal people.” and Macdonald Disses Comic For Bible-Bashing: “Not Brave At All…”). It’s still a crime though. And his appearance on Larry King calling Hillary the “most corrupt person” won’t help matters.

He’s right, but it won’t help matters…

I don’t like Hillary. I think she’s the most corrupt person we’ve ever had in the White House. There’s so many terrible things that she’s done that we forget.

But, I thought the terrible things Hillary’s done don’t matter because of the terrible things Trump says? Isn’t it words > actions, as long as it help leftists push an agenda? That seems to be what Larry believes, as he pivoted right to “BUT NIXON DID THE SAME THING!” angle while trying to excuse Hillary examining the IRS records of her political enemies. Right, and as Norm points out, it was wrong when Nixon did it too. How is this hard?

Maybe someone should tell Norm he’s simply exercising his cis-male privilege. Hillary is totes qualified to be president because she has lady parts. Allegedly. You’re supposed to ignore the mounting Hillary scandals which pile up high enough to build Trump’s wall. All because she’s a she, and has a D next to her name.

Just because Hillary Clinton has lady parts doesn’t qualify her for the presidency. Neither does being a Democrat or a communist. She’s a horrendous person with no people or leadership skills. She barely has a pulse. She’s already planning how to shred the Constitution and tax us to death. I shudder at the thought of her becoming president… it would be a nightmare. Even a comedian like Norm can see the harsh reality of that.

If you were ever looking for a real villain… it’s Hillary Clinton. If you ever suspected there were real life conspiracies… again, see Clinton. We now live in a banana republic where getting rapists of children off, hating America and destroying constitutional rights are all acceptable simply because your name is Hillary Clinton. She gets a pass for violating the Espionage Act over and over and over again while taking payoffs from our enemies and from those who have evil intentions left and right. Hillary Clinton must wear Prada, because she is the devil incarnate and it’s no laughing matter.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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