Grandma went missing from the nursing home, then they see THIS on her arm…

by Scott McKay | January 6, 2016 2:48 pm

The old bird might be losing her marbles, but hey – let her do what she wants.

But the granddaughter probably has some explaining to do[1].

When Tony went to visit his 79-year-old mother at the Daleview House nursing home in the UK, she was nowhere to be found. All he knew was that Grandma Sadie was with her granddaughter, Samantha.

When they eventually tracked her down, they found Sadie at a local tattoo parlor. She had decided to sneak off and get her very first tattoo, with Samantha by her side.

After she saw that Samantha had a tattoo, she was inspired to get one of her own — a sweet, simple design in the shape of a heart.

Just to show what a badass Grandma has become, there is this…

When asked how her family would react to the new ink on her left shoulder, her response was “I don’t [expletive] care.” She also said that getting a tattoo wasn’t that painful, either: “I asked the fella how long it would take and he said it had finished five minutes ago. I never felt a thing. He just laughed at me.”

Oh, well. Seniors gonna do what seniors gonna do, one supposes.

  1. But the granddaughter probably has some explaining to do:

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