HILARIOUS Jesse Waters Gets Al Sharpton HEATED With Just A Few FACTS And A BIG Smile – WATCH!

HILARIOUS Jesse Waters Gets Al Sharpton HEATED With Just A Few FACTS And A BIG Smile – WATCH!

Good for Jesse Watters! 24 years ago, on video, Al Sharpton ranted about ‘offing the pigs!’ Now, he’s denying it, saying it never happened or he was misconstrued, but there is video and facts are facts. Sharpton ranted at Kean College and spewed the most violent, vicious rhetoric against the police he could invoke. “‘I don’t believe in marching!’” he yelled while recounting the words said by one of his opponents. “‘I believe in offing the pigs!’ Well they got pigs out here! You ain’t offed one of them!” “What I believe in, I do,” he added. “Do what you believe in.” That’s inciting violence against police officers and that is from the man that advises Barack Obama. Figures. He’s referring to those out there that want to off the pigs and how they should take action. He would never get his own hands dirty, but he’s great at getting others riled up and ready to get their violence on.


From the Conservative Tribune:

Twenty-four years ago, Rev. Al Sharpton said something immensely sick about the police, and when rising star and political commentator Jesse Watters recently tried to confront the notorious race-baiter about his previously made statements, Sharpton of course started making excuses.

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First he claimed that he never made the statement. Then he claimed that the Fox News correspondent had simply misinterpreted him.

But unfortunately for Mr. Sharpton, there was no denying what happened.

Watters made a point of Sharpton apologizing for his statements and incitement, but that will never happen: “Would you like to apologize for that?” Watters asked. “You don’t have footage saying that,” Sharpton at first claimed. “You had me where I said that a guy was talking about ‘offing pigs,’ and I said, ‘you ain’t gonna do nothing,’ and I mocked him.” Watters nailed Sharpton for being the lying racist, cop-hater that he has always been. Al Sharpton is one of the most corrupt politicians that ever set foot in Congress… well, second only to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that is.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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