How Did THIS Get Caught Up A Pig’s Butt? [LOOK]

by Scott McKay | October 21, 2015 3:17 pm

Yes, this is gross. But you clicked on it, didn’t you?

vulture head in pig butt[1]

What’s going on here? Well[2]…

Animals sometimes get their heads stuck in small spaces, but the results aren’t always this crappy.

A vulture got more than it bargained for when it started pigging out on this dead swine’s anus.

The trending video originally appeared on YouTube in April 2014 and shows the bird struggling to free itself from the pig’s cavity. It resurfaced October 16, when posted a copy of the video on Facebook that went viral, positioning the image as a visual metaphor for the forthcoming presidential election.

Funny as it may seem, the encounter also highlights how difficult it is for stuck animals to escape. Fortunately, the vulture was able to free itself within an hour, according to the YouTube video blurb.

And now, the video…

We thought it was pretty funny. After all, who likes a vulture?

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