What This Husky Does With Her Water Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 11, 2016 1:32 pm

Maya Duryée is a gorgeous Siberian Husky[1] who has an usual game she plays… instead of just drinking water from her dish, she submerges her snout and blows bubbles. It’s adorable! It makes you feel like a kid all over again to watch her having fun doing this. The video has had over 5 million views and it is small wonder. With everything going to hell out there, this is guaranteed to make you feel better and bring a smile to your face.


From Rare:

Maya Duryée the Husky isn’t your average dog.

While most of her canine friends drink water, she sticks her nose down deep and decides to blow bubbles instead. The only question is, how did she learn how to do that? It must’ve been some tough trials and errors.

Well, what else would you expect from a pup who’s studied “Chasing Squirrels” at Yale?

The master of these pups is a liberal, but has excellent taste in man’s best friend. And he certainly loves his dogs. I love the video – it’s just too cute for words. I do wonder how she figured that out though. Maya Duryee loves to have water on her as well… you can tell. One of the things I love about dogs is how they revel in the smallest of things and how wondrous life is to them. I needed this today – I love this pup.

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