Jay Leno Just Slammed Hillary With What Nobody Else Has The Guts To Say- WATCH!

Jay Leno Just Slammed Hillary With What Nobody Else Has The Guts To Say- WATCH!

Jay Leno may have just become my favorite comic. While filling in for Jimmy Fallon, Leno ripped on Hillary, Sanders, Trump and global warming.


From NewsBusters:

Former longtime Tonight Show host Jay Leno returned to the deliver part of the monologue on Wednesday’s show for current host Jimmy Fallon (as the show was held in Los Angeles for the week) and Leno used the opportunity to pan Republicans but also the Clintons for their countless scandals, Bernie Sanders over his age, and Donald Trump for his disdain of Megyn Kelly.

When Leno stepped in for Fallon, he began by lamenting that he had received his first political robocall of the election season with Bill Clinton calling about supporting Hillary. Leno then quipped: “Count on me? She can’t even count on Bill. Don’t drag me into your marital problems, pal.”

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Leno moved onto Hillary’s e-mail scandal and paraphrased that she’s said at times that it was “an honest mistake” but wondered if anyone in the audience “ever notice[d] the only time people in Washington are honest is when they make a mistake?”

In the last of the Clinton jokes, Leno targeted the former President: “Plus, Hillary says she has been tested. Well, I hope so. You never know what Bill might bring home. Sheesh.” 

As for the socialist senator, Leno pointed out that the only people should be in a position to “dig up dirt on Bernie Sanders” shouldn’t be the Clinton campaign but “an archaeologist” and if he won the nomination, Sanders should think carefully about his running mate since they’d be “just a prostate away from being the next president of the United States.”

Following a joke that was more so a complaint about the intensity of the Republican primary, Leno served up a very crude jest about the now-infamous Cruz campaign ad that was taken down due to who was discovered to have appeared in it:

Oh, boy. Ted Cruz’s campaign pulled one of their TV commercials because the actress in the ad was a porn star. [AUDIENCE OOHS] The campaign said they hired the porn star because they thought she could make Ted Cruz easier to swallow. I don’t know.

Leno went onto spend the remainder of his time ripping off jokes about global warming and after one about how it could go “from our number one problem to our number two problem” in light of a study that stated it could “cause an increase in cases of diarrhea worldwide,” the former NBC host ended with his famous call and response routine with the audience:

JAY LENO: Global warming is so bad Vladimir Putin is now topless and bottomless. That’s how bad it is. In fact, the Earth is as hot as it’s ever been.

AUDIENCE: How hot is it?

LENO: It is so hot, Bill Cosby is slipping his dates chill pills. That’s how hot it is. It is so hot immigrants are coming across the border on slip and slides. That’s how hot it is. It is so hot, Donald Trump hit on Megyn Kelly just to get the cold shoulder. That’s how hot it is, ladies and gentlemen. [APPLAUSE] Thank you, Jimmy. Thank you. [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE]

JIMMY FALLON: Thank you. I appreciate that. They’re saying — they’re saying it’s hot out there. It is so hot Donald Trump is building a wall just for the shade.


Watch the clip below:

I don’t  care who you are, that’s funny right there.

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