Samantha Bee Teams Up With ‘Changed’ Glenn Beck to Fight Trump [VIDEO]

Samantha Bee Teams Up With ‘Changed’ Glenn Beck to Fight Trump [VIDEO]

I was not a supporter of Donald Trump either. But as he became the nominee, I gave him a clean slate and now that he will be President, I believe he should be given a chance. Glenn Beck is still against Donald Trump, but regardless of what the media screams at you, he is willing to give Trump a chance as well. I’ve heard him say it. He will support the good things and go after the bad things. However, he has gone way out of his way to bridge the gap with the left. I think that is a mistake. He appeared on the Samantha Bee show. I do not care for her or her opinions. And I think becoming buds with her is at the very least, misguided. I also think apologizing for his previous work and stances is a huge mistake.

I understand that Beck still fears a Trump dictatorship and a loss of freedoms. I am still uneasy over a number of things with him too. But Beck should be supporting the President, not sowing more doubt. We have to unite and show a concerted front. Yes, go after Trump if he does unconstitutional things and nail him for it. But to keep asking if he will be a dictator, only gives the left ammo against everything he does, good or bad. For better or worse, Trump is now our President and he’s the best chance we have of fixing some of the damage Barack Obama has done.


From Breitbart:

Talk radio host Glenn Beck and left-wing late night host Samantha Bee are ramping up their efforts to provide “nonpartisan” pushback against the incoming Donald Trump administration.

On Monday’s episode of Bee’s Full Frontal, she sat down with Beck, and the two supposedly diametrically opposed TV stars discussed how they plan to unite to fight “Trumpism.”

Sporting ugly Christmas sweaters, Beck and Bee began their “healing” process by sharing what each of their respective audiences believes about the other’s.

“My audience would like to stab you relentlessly in the eye,” Beck joked.

“My audience wants to kill me for normalizing a lunatic like yourself,” Bee responded.

Bee nonetheless said that “much of Glenn’s message has changed” and said TheBlaze founder, to her apparent chagrin, “seems to be a deeply sincere and decent person.” Bee commended Beck for taking heat from conservatives when he came out publicly against Trump, and again when he provided toys and food to the children of illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

I know Glenn Beck is firmly against illegal immigration and unvetted refugee resettlement. Breitbart has smeared him and told endless lies about his stances on these issues. But some of what Breitbart says is also true. I cannot and will not ever be able to wrap my head around reaching out to a terrorist group like Black Lives Matter. Sorry, that’s what they are. As far as being against Trumpism… I don’t even know what that means. Again, I would caution Beck to not attack Trump as he comes into office and to support him. You did that for Obama, as much as you hated it… Trump deserves the same chance.

I am a catastophist as well. I can clear a room in ten seconds flat and I’m a bummer at cocktail parties. But sometimes, you have to fight the fight you are given and know when to attack and when to support. Trump’s presidency can go a number of ways… I think we should try and help it go the right way all we can, before declaring we are all doomed. So, I would tell readers out there to be careful what you read and believe from Breitbart as well as Beck. Don’t bow down to any man and believe everything they say. Use your own judgement. But Trump is now our President and we need to support him as much as we can. If Beck, keeps this up, he will lose all his supporters. Not only because some get angry, but many will just get confused over what Beck truly stands for.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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