SNL Ridicules The Left!? New Skit Shines TRUTH On Trump Supporters And Liberals! [VIDEO]

SNL Ridicules The Left!? New Skit Shines TRUTH On Trump Supporters And Liberals! [VIDEO]

FINALLY! No one would have thought that the actors and writers of the highly political and not-so-funny Saturday Night Live, would actually put their bias on hold for one skit and take a different point of view. It is a vary rare occurrence, I know, so let’s savor every bit of it and hope that more is in the pipe…It’s just so refreshing!


The skit I’m referring to appeared over the weekend and had the actors taking a few friendly punches at the Left and the way they have been acting and reacting since Trump took office.

Goodness knows they had plenty of material to work with…

This week, is was Scarlett Johansson hosting, so of course, she and three other cast members had the role of scientists who invent a helmet that can be strapped onto household pets. The device can “scan the household pet’s mind to translate his thoughts into words.”

At first, the invention works simple enough, with some very basic sentences coming from Max’s mind…But that’s when it all goes downhill for Leftists!

BRAVO! If SNL could pull off skits like that, their viewership would skyrocket…But let’s not hold our breath. Why that skit was included even after weeks and weeks of constant barrages on Trump, his cabinet and their supporters, is a very interesting question. It was sorely out of place from the SNL norm, yet, there it was! Did any of the answers the dog spouted out seem ‘radical’?

NO! His reasons for supporting Trump were the same level-headed, commonsense reasons that a vast majority of his real supporters have been saying…It’s just that the left and the media have continually demonized and assigned ill-will to them.

Keep it up SNL. If you can represent both sides of the argument – ALL in good fun – it might just help to close the divide for many Americans.

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