Sweet! May Is Zombie Awareness Month! (2 Images)

by William Teach | May 2, 2010 4:56 pm

Feeding your need for brains. And sexy. And sexy brain eaters on a lazy Sunday afternoon

May is the official Zombie Awareness Month[1] of the Zombie Research Society.

Many films important to the evolution of the modern Zombie are set in the month of May, from the original Night of the Living Dead, 1968, to the well received Dawn of The Dead remake of 2004.

Also, because Spring naturally brings with it a sense of renewal and hopefulness, May is the perfect month to emphasize continued vigilance in the face of the coming Zombie Pandemic.

Make sure to wear your Gray ribbon

(FYI: I typically do some sort of photo post everyday at my site, thought I would cross post this over here at RWN as a break from politics. Enjoy! With a nice Chianti and some liver)

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