I Get Letters: Enjoy My Hate Mail

by John Hawkins | February 1, 2013 7:19 am

I get hate mail, hate tweets or hate comments on a daily basis, but most of it is too boring or incoherent to make it worthwhile to post. Still, some of it is entertaining enough in a stupid and/or vicious sort of way to make it worth posting. So, enjoy getting a little taste of the sort of email I receive on a regular basis.

Albert Hess <****************@gmail.com>

Subject: Death

John Hawkins deserves to die for what he’s done and he should be killed to send a message loud enough to convince other people not to publish documents like this in the future.

Gennise Gunn <******************@gmail.com>
Subject: Really

Did your parents send you to journalism school spread such vicious lies in a well thought manner? I do believe so….

Joe Sacramento <**************************@gmail.com>
Subject: Re:

Go sh*t up a tree *sshole

Ryan Lewis <**********************@icloud.com>
Subject: Your a f*cking idiot shoot yourself


Subject: You Are One Fat, Goffy Looking Moron


First off, take a different picture. You look like a fat, goofy f*cking moron. Or better yet, take a picture of someone else.

On the subject of ‘The CIA assassinating Julian Assange’ maybe they should execute you for being a complete moron and talking sh*t. Do you honestly believe the lame ass bull sh*t you write in your column or are you just repeating crap you hear others like you espouse.

Do us all a big favor, get a real job and leave the reporting to the pro’s. Oh wait, there aren’t any left. Walter Kronkite and Hunter S. Thompson are dead.

My Suggestion, we just do without news.

Does your mother know what you’ve been up to. Probably not or she wouldn’t have let you out of the house. You’ve embarrassed her enough john. Turn your computer off and go home.

Chris Kestell


Subject: Idiot

First off, I would like to say I’m 15 years old and I can already see what a f*cking MORON you are. That one thing you said about “liberals hat america”, well in my case it’s TRUE. Because of people like you. I cannot stand your right wing bullsh*t.

john marengo <***********@yahoo.com>

Oops…..accidentally got on your blog/news????? Can’t believe there’s idiots like you having your own site. You right wing christian assholes are pure skum (and I mean that with all my heart). As a ‘true’ American, I’d like to pass a bill sending your ‘ilk’ to some remote island where you can create your own sick, perverted society. Either that or we (Americans) should gather your ‘kind’ together and lynch you all. That would a party I’d like to go to.

yours in christs *ss (and I mean that in a loving way)

a true patriot

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