​BOOM! Trump’s ICE to Consider Charging Sanctuary City Leaders with Smuggling

​BOOM! Trump’s ICE to Consider Charging Sanctuary City Leaders with Smuggling

I think this is a great idea. ICE is contemplating charging sanctuary city leaders with smuggling. They want to nail them under federal anti-smuggling laws. They are after all violating federal law by protecting illegal aliens. They are definitely a threat to public safety. These leaders coddle the law breakers and protect them from being prosecuted for basic crimes, putting everyone even more at risk. They even shield rapists and murderers when they are illegal aliens.

More and more police are now signing on to gather up and prosecute and/or deport illegal aliens. Under President Trump, enforcement has dramatically jumped. It’s expected to triple by the end of the year. Special attention is being given to gangs such as MS-13, who Trump has all but declared war on. Good. Trump has recently broadened and expanded the categories of illegal aliens who are eligible for deportation and ICE is on track to break the deportation record of 409,849, set in 2012 under Obama, next year. That’s what I call progress.

From NumbersUSA:

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Today ICE said they are contemplating charging sanctuary city leaders with violating federal anti-smuggling laws for protecting illegal aliens and refusing to cooperate with federal immigration laws.

ICE says that sanctuary cities are a threat to public safety because they release criminal illegal aliens back to into American communities, despite them being priorities for deportation. Once a criminal illegal alien is released ICE is forced to then send in a task force to apprehend them, which is more dangerous for the illegal alien, ICE officers, and community.

According to ICE the number of police and sheriff’s departments who have signed 287(g) agreements, which pays for local police and sheriff’s deputies in those jurisdictions to be trained to enforce immigration laws, has already doubled since Pres. Trump has been in office and they believe it will triple by the end of the year.

No longer is Obama’s catch and release in play. Illegal aliens are not caught at the border, given a court date and then released to never show up. If they were caught under Obama’s direction and turned back, that was considered a deportation, which is highly misleading. Trump doesn’t count those in his deportation numbers, so they are even higher than it seems by quite a bit.

ICE has already started to arrest illegal aliens who pay smugglers to bring their children and relatives into the US illegally. We have a huge backlog in our courts now because so many are being arrested. The difference is, they are incarcerated while awaiting a court hearing. But illegal immigrants are aggressively fighting back. Migrants are increasingly refusing to open doors for officers and, when they do, the encounters are turning violent. Use-of-force instances are up about 150 percent and assaults on ICE officers are up about 40 percent.

Local officials are also pushing back against ICE, declaring themselves sanctuaries and enacting policies that block their law enforcement officers from cooperating with ICE. This ranges from declining to hold illegal immigrants to cutting off all communication with ICE period. Sanctuary cities are claiming that cooperating with ICE frightens immigrants — both legal and illegal — and makes them less likely to report other crimes. They say that is a bigger threat to public safety than crimes committed by illegal immigrants. That’s bull crap, but they are proclaiming it anyway.

ICE won’t be chased out of “sanctuaries” and the section of federal code — 8 U.S.C. 1324 — that outlaws attempts to “conceal, harbor or shield” illegal immigrants is now being used. The law carries a penalty of five years in prison in most cases, but penalties could rise to include life in prison or even death if someone is killed during a crime. ICE is no longer kidding around and I suggest the leaders in these illegal sanctuary cities take note of it.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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