Americans Paid HOW MUCH For Obama’s Failed Immigration Plan??

Americans Paid HOW MUCH For Obama’s Failed Immigration Plan??

In April, we set a new record for illegal immigrants crossing into the US – 38,000. Many were unaccompanied children. This is a two-year high for illegals coming into the US in one month. They are actually setting up tent cities for these children. It looks like something out of a war zone. Federal expenditures for these children are raising eyebrows. Senator Ted Crux sent inquiries to ICE requesting the figures and they show just “how fundamentally flawed our approach to immigration enforcement has been in the Obama administration.” This particular expenditure focuses on a controversial program employed by ICE, where UAC’s are flown from the US-Mexico border to the homes of relatives within America, many of whom have reportedly entered the country illegally themselves.


From the Independent Journal:

“The ICE figures show that from June 8, 2014 to Sept. 30, 2015, ICE spent $4.8 million on charter flights for the children (ICE could not provide figures before that period).

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From March 2009 to Sept. 30, 2015, ICE spent $13.7 million on commercial flights for unaccompanied minors utilizing funds appropriated to ICE.

In total, the cost reaches at least $18.5 million.

Obama’s program “rewards illegal immigrants who paid smugglers to escort their children to the border.” $18.5 million was spent on relocating these children across the US. They should not be here period and should be returned to their families of origin. They are part of Obama’s terraforming of the US to change the voting demographics and it is an abomination. Although ICE says it is “unable to provide specific data regarding the number of unaccompanied children transported via commercial flight,” it’s been reported that more than 10,500 UAC’s crossed the border in October and November of 2015. The program has come under fire in the past — more recently by a Texas federal judge, who called the practice “dangerous” — but ICE has defended the procedure as both “appropriate and legal.” No… it’s not. Not even close and they know it. That Congress and our leaders are allowing this is nothing short of treasonous.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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