California Gov. Brown Pardons Two Illegal Alien Felons To #Resist

California Gov. Brown Pardons Two Illegal Alien Felons To #Resist

Putting illegal aliens before citizens

From the article

Escalating the state’s showdown with the Trump administration over illegal immigration, California Gov. Jerry Brown used a Christmas holiday tradition to grant pardons Saturday to two men who were on the verge of being deported for committing crimes while in the U.S.

Brown, pairing his state’s combative approach to federal immigration authorities with his belief in the power of redemption, characterized the pardons as acts of mercy.

The Democratic governor moved as federal officials in recent months have detained and deported immigrants with felony convictions that resulted in the loss of their legal residency status, including many with nonviolent offenses that occurred years ago.

Remember when Democrats were saying they don’t want the “bad illegals?”

With the pardons, the reason for applicants’ deportations may be eliminated, said attorney Kevin Lo of Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus, which represented some of the men in a recent class-action lawsuit.

Yeah, no, they’re still illegally present in the United States, and already on the radar of ICE. Heck, this probably makes it even more likely that they’ll be deported.

Two of Brown’s pardons are Northern California Cambodian men picked up in October in those immigration sweeps, Mony Neth of Modesto and Rottanak Kong of Davis.

Kong was convicted on felony joyriding in 2003 in Stanislaus County at age 25 and sentenced to a year in jail. Neth was convicted on a felony weapons charge with a gang enhancement and a misdemeanor charge of receiving stolen property with a value of $400 or less in 1995 in Stanislaus County.

So, in Jerry World, suddenly gun charges are OK, as long as they are done by certain people.

Both were scheduled to be deported Monday, but, a federal judge put a hold on that due to some filed suits. Don’t expect this to last long, though, because federal law is clear: neither should be in this country. But, for Jerry, this is simply about #Resist to Trump.

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