City cancels huge celebration, afraid of who may crash the party

by Frank Lea | March 19, 2017 9:45 am

One major city has canceled their Cinco de Mayo celebrations over fear of raids and mass deportations from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. If that isn’t a clear sign that your city is filled with illegal immigrants, then I don’t know what is.

Cinco De Mayo celebrates the Mexican army victory over French forces and many Americans celebrate one way or another. It’s a fantastic time in America for Mexicans and Americans alike. If you’re not celebrating by drinking a margarita or eating fine tuned Mexican food, then you’re at least acknowledging the always fun time with friends unless you’re stuck at work. It’s one of those holidays where people let the edge off for a night, but not too much. It’s an excuse for an extra saucy dinner after work and a night with friends.

But things are different this year. One of the largest celebrations in Philadelphia has been canceled because organizers are worried about an immigration crackdown from ICE[1]. They’re worried that ICE agents will arrive and ruin the party by arresting people and leading them to deportation.


El Carnaval de Puebla, a major Cinco De Mayo celebration in Philadelphia, has been canceled following recent federal immigration crackdowns, organizers said.

Edgar Ramirez told a local NBC affiliate that as many as 15,000 people gather for the annual parade through South Philadelphia, marking the city’s largest Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Ramirez told NBC the decision was “sad but responsible” amid reports of more immigration enforcement arrests on the part of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Hundreds of undocumented immigrants have been detained or arrested since President Trump took office. Trump campaigned on a pledge to strengthen enforcement of immigration laws.

ICE announced this week alone that 248 people in Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia were in federal custody awaiting deportation following two weeks of immigration raids.

Philly is a sanctuary city that helps harbor illegal immigrant CRIMINALS. Maybe the celebration should go on and ICE can target the criminals only. If there’s so many illegal immigrants in your city that they cancel a celebration over it, then maybe your city needs to do something about it. Hurry up and legalize their residents, kick out the criminals and then everything is fine.

It’s the criminal illegal aliens that people want out of the country. Peaceful hardworking families who don’t bother anyone are fine by me. Just help them become citizens the right way so they can contribute and pay taxes.

I guess Philly will call their celebration Cinco De ICE for now on, because it looks like they’re going to cancel until ICE stops rounding people up.

Or, you know, that bum Mayor Kenney in Philly stops being a sanctuary city and evicts the criminals himself.

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